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Individualized radiotherapy

CIRRO is a highly interdisciplinary research center involving physicians, biologists, physicists, computer scientists and engineers conducting research in the biology of tumor and normal cells, improved imaging/target definition and delivery of radiotherapy. The project encompasses biological, clinical and technical studies, which will form the basis for intended inhomogeneous radiotherapy dose distribition adapted to the biological malignancy potential as it is distributed over both space and time domains in the radiotherapy target.

The research focuses on three levels of activities:

  1. Individual biological variation in radiosensitivity. Description and evaluation of the importance of individual variation in radiosensitivity associated both with tumour and normal tissue morbidity. This is the foundation for understanding the importance of the specific dose to be given to a specified target. The investigations are therefore preclinical in order to learn the importance of cellular and tissue radiosensitivity, translational in the sense that it is bringing both knowledge from the clinic to the bench and from the bench to the clinic in order to characterize and evaluate the importance of variation in individual sensitivity. This is therefore associated with collection of biological material in associated biobanks and development and application of derived risk profiles.
  2. Identification and description of the target. The tumour and target to be treated with radiotherapy must be properly identified both in form of description of the tumour relative to the risk of recurrence and the given dose and with respect to the risk of morbidity linked with treatment given to surrounding normal tissues. A crucial parameter in this activity is therefore linked with target definition and the related imaging methods. This includes both CT, MRI, and PET and the research project is therefore linked with the use of these modalities both in relationship to individual biological variation and from a more technical point a few associated with target definition.
  3. Application of treatment. To utilize the benefit derived from the two other parameters the third factor is therefore linked with delivery of the appropriate treatment to the appropriate target. This includes both the technical delivery and a selection of the given dose and fractionation relative to the sensitivity of both tumour and surrounding normal tissues.