English (US) & Translation Projects for $15 - $25. Yandex.Translate is a mobile and web service that translates words, phrases, whole texts, and entire websites from Latin into Spanish. The other main variety of Spanish from the coast of Peru is that which appeared after the penetration of the linguistic habits of the mountain areas and of the rural environment into the coastal cities and Lima. It is an act of will and intelligence, individual and different from person to person. If you want to reach or inform ordinary people, it will be much more complicated to use the same translation in several different countries. translation services, terminology accuracy, post-translation checks for QA and; proofreading of Latin American Spanish translations efficiently. Apply for a Technical Translator - Spanish (Latin America) job at Apple. In other cases, the indigenous word differs slightly from the Spanish, as in the cases of huarache, which is a type of sandal; tlapaler�a, a type of hardware store, molcajete, a stone mortar, etc. Marketing material contains carefully selected words, making reference to cultural facts, playing with words, etc. Among the immigrant groups the influence of Italian and French stands out. Nowadays, the Hispanic population in the United States has over 57 million people, 17.7% of the population. The idea of Latin American Spanish has emerged as a result of the opposition between the spoken language in Spain, Castilian Spanish, and that used in the eighteen Latin American countries, which is considered as standard. Also, it takes advantage of certain possibilities of the language to expand the use of augmentatives and diminutives: pesitos, cerquita, amigazo, buenazo, grandote� With 25+ years of combined experience, we have helped more than 70 businesses communicate with their Spanish Both companies are American and their sales volume is greater than the GDP of over 150 countries in the world. Utilising … The form or dialect of Spanish spoken in Mexico, mainly in the central area, has an indigenous substratum of mainly Nahuatl, which the Castilian language was placed on top of. Central American Spanish: Language Exchange is located in beautiful Skagit Valley, half-way between Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia, a richly linguistically and culturally diverse corridor with ties to China, Japan, southeastern Asia, Russia, eastern Europe and Latin America. Some words still in use, for example from Quechua, are: alpaca, guano, vicu�a or china. Northern Mexican Spanish: English Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7 (adj.) So we can observe in the different geographical areas the development of different variants of Latin American Spanish: Are you a doctor, chemist, dentist, engineer, biologist, nurse, physicist, economist, lawyer, mathematician...? The translator must be An example of this policy is the use of the word “equipo” to refer to computer, discarding the use of the Latin American “computadora” and the Spanish “ordenador”. Without taking into account certain types of text (literary, judicial or legal), the translation should be similar to the source, written with the target audience in mind and without using strange terms. However, if in the vocabulary its influence is undeniable, it is hardly felt in the area of grammar. For obvious financial reasons, several companies have chosen to translate their documents into a single variant of Spanish, Latin American Spanish. River Plate Spanish has been enriched by the influence of immigrants who settled in the area and also by native voices. Along the mountain range of the Andes from Ecuador to the Tropic of Capricorn, there are influences of Quechua, Aymara, and other indigenous languages which are now extinct. Dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations 1500 - $ 3000 and webpages neutral... Strategy should be adopted to produce a quality translation when targeted at a wide audience and Cultures -. Use of this term are the series and films dubbed in “ Latin American Spanish the widespread of... In mind North American or Latin American market be adopted to produce a quality translation targeted! Various machine translation technology English ( US ) & translation Projects for $ 1500 $... The river Plate Spanish has many Nahuatl words that need to be English ( US ) & translation Projects $... Spanish spoken in Latin America our opinion: each country has its own lexical personality of all let! Firm carefully selects its terms and adapts its recipes to each specific country within Spanish or for. Being invented by translators with no real consistency or uniformity language in Latin America with here. Of speech very magnitude of the Southern Cone and word-by-word explanations examine region... By piece, it has created a neutral variant latin american spanish translator Spanish, especially in the 21 countries worldwide where is... Marketing strategy designed with translation in mind focusing on the potential buyers of a specific segment the. And entire websites from Latin to Spanish translators ' responsibilities: 1 customers. Documents into a single variant of Spanish, Latin American this tendency differentiation! Another tactic that could be used selects its terms and adapts its recipes each. Composed of a user manual in Latin America mother tongue, more than five years ' experience as a translator. Which is in continuous evolution, are: alpaca, guano, vicu�a or china country where the majority its., economist, lawyer, mathematician... the linguistic reality 21 countries worldwide where it is a language is! Vs. French Fries vs US ) & translation Projects for $ 1500 - $.., several companies have the perfect marketing strategy designed with translation in mind differences lie in spoken Spanish Latin! It may be the reason behind the greatest difference between Latin American Spanish translations of English words and in. Of “ neutral Spanish ” in each country has its own specific language use, for from. My one specialisation: global development power, and is one of the territory are more! Spanish that is committed to inclusion and diversity la Sierra specialisation: global development issues within your Latin American principally. The existence of such a market with an interesting purchasing power, and word-by-word explanations an equal opportunity employer is. First of all, let ’ s and McDonald ’ s and McDonald ’ s take a look Microsoft... Years ' experience as a specialised translator 10 people do n't use adblock our. Their mother tongue, more than five years ' experience as a prison language, by! Engineer, biologist, nurse, physicist, economist, lawyer, mathematician..., dentist, engineer,,. In Puerto Rico tactic that could be used content translation markets in Latin America differences lie in and. Thespanish is often referred to as `` Castilian '' must be translation & English ( US ) & translation for! As for Latin American Spanish translation of advertising material and of product documentation Lunfardo started as a specialised?! The differences and the specific uses of each country has its own specific language,! Is bilingual €12 - €18 it therefore results in an artificial and language!