It pops open to 40 degrees with a gentle pull, and then draws back to 90 degrees, cocking the hammer with the minimum of effort and indexing the magazine. I have a budget of between £500 & £600 . At the tills, this £499 rifle package will certainly be a formidable adversary against any other PCP that also carries a price tag commencing with a ‘4’. Advice on Kral Arms guns. Customers come to my online store to buy from top-rated air gun brands ranging from air rifles to hunt large game to the best air pistols for plinking and killing tin cans as well as for all of the the finest air gun accessories that they need. When it stop working just throw it…. Installation instruction for Airgun Kral Arms Puncher Jumbo rifle pressure regulator . The Kral’s supplied open sighting option offers a tremendously long sight base of 530mm which, coupled with the Puncher’s recoil-free firing cycle, makes accurate shooting without a telly very possible. FAS 6004 - Air Pistol - Zero Recoil - Not a Sausage! We offer a wide selection of this manufacturer; from air rifles to magazines and silencers. I think the trick is to open the sidelever in one, swift movement – and I did find it necessary to ‘seat’ some of the looser and/or shorter brands right down into the cassette using some form of pusher. Required fields are marked *. Andys Airgun Reviews / 407 Views / 29-03-2018 . However, its complex design also brings with it a specific loading procedure. I paid 460£ but now I wouldnt pay even half. Kral must be commended for their generosity, because they also supply a spare magazine with the Puncher. As a debutant, the Kral Arms Puncher enters the PCP fray making a clear statement. A manometer inlet into the belly of the forestock provides some indication as to the rifle’s fill level. But while I couldn’t match the group sizes achieved with a PAO 3-12×44 Mini SWAT, I was surprisingly accurate with the Kral’s opens – especially as they sport contemporary fibre-optic inserts and a height-adjustable foresight bead. A new revolution in the airgun market, the Kral NP-02 is set to take the world by storm. Kral Mega Marine PCP Air Rifle .177 cal. REVIEW: FX Crown Yellow Jacket Airgun .30 - New Block + Reg + Barrel + Sub 12ft Lb Experiment, REVIEW: FX Dream-Tac Compact - Picnic Chocolate Hunting, How To Shoot a Sub 12ft lbs Rifle 100 Yards. Actually, it’s not unlike that of the sporter version of Prestige’s Kub that first appeared in 2009 – even the forend chequer panels are similar! Feb 22nd 2019 Subscribers have asked and asked, so I bought one. Kral PCP Air Rifles at Gunroom. It’s not a regulated PCP, but obviously enjoys a well-designed main valve judging by both the incredible consistency between shots and the general lack of power ‘curve’ throughout the charge. Their current range of springers (like the popular Demon break-barrel) moves in ever-growing quantities through gun shops, offering stiff competition for the likes of Crosman, Hatsan, SMK and Stoeger. The .177 model’s is a 14-shot; the .22’s a 12-shot and the .25 a 10-shot – and I’ve got to say that this magazine’s design really does highlight the Turkish gunmaker’s airgun engineering prowess. But its real crowning achievement is that you won't have to sell a kidney to own one. (You don’t load the pellet in the hole where the pawl is!). Because they are affordable, realistically priced, well finished, accurate and reliable. The rearsight fits to the forward section of the breech in ready-drilled holes [2]. It’s been just over a year since I tested the first PCP to be produced by Turkish gun manufacturer Kral Arms. Pigeon Paradise #5 Fur + Feathers (Extended Version). NEW: Saber Tactical FX Impact Compact Rail + Arca Swiss MK2 - M LOK, Field Pro Speed Loader - Impact + Crown + Dreamline - Screw Top - 3D Printed, NEW: Hades .177 -Airgun Hunting Pellet - Power - Accuracy, NEW AIRGUNS: British Shooting Show 2020 - Pellet Pusher Report, NEW AIRGUNS: Shot Show 2020 - Pellet Pusher Report. It’s manual and feels much more positive than some guns I’ve seen this similar design adorn. It is appropriate before reading the instructions look at the video instructions and then read the instructions for avoiding common mistakes during installation Kral Arms Puncher Jumbo. Well… yes and no. The action it cradles is also very similar to that of the Prestige Kub, with hints of Hatsan and Evanix throughout, though that’s not to say the Puncher’s not its own gun. Nice rifle I have the one tested and have no problems with it I also have the Bullpup version and it is really good a good shot count 12 round mag you get two with it very light. We carry Air Arms, Ataman, Beeman, Hatsan, FX Airguns, Kral and many premium airguns and air rifles in all calibers including .177, .22 and .25 This was slightly less than the 160 claimed by Range-Right, but it’s still very much a healthy output figure – and I was well impressed by the 90-shot sweet spot my rifle exhibited between 200 and 115BAR. This air rifle has become one of the most in-demand air rifles on the market, and for good reason. The cocking system is quiet and foolproof, with the sidelever neatly tucked into the breech to avoid getting snagged in the field. It offers standard dovetails AND a Picatinny system in a single sight mounting platform. In terms of power, my gun returned 11.75ft/lb with heavyweight (21-grain) Panther Heavy Metal roundheads, which had a good 0.5ft/lb over the pellets that the rifle shot most accurately – 14.68-grain Rangemaster Sovereign. If you’re looking for an airgun that represents a great value, while still possessing many great features, consider the Puncher NP-02. Whether this is your first airgun or your one hundredth, we want to help you choose the right equipment to accomplish your goal. I certainly never had to look in its direction whenever I planted a wayward pellet on the target. .22 Kral Puncher Knight S PCP Air Rifle Synthetic quantity PRE ORDER Estimated In Stock Date 12/26/20 (No Promises) Categories: .22 Caliber PCP Air Rifles , Ambidextrous Air Rifles , Animals 6 to 14lbs Hunting Air Rifles , Kral Arms Knight S , Repeating PCP Air Rifles . It is so twisted that you can see it. Looking closely at the breech, many features jump out. No other website or store from where u can buy spares Now, they’re about to provide formidable opposition to the PCP sector, too. Thankyou for any advice, Your email address will not be published. The rearsight is then ready to be zeroed [4]. Although I found the rearsight a little too close to my eye for a decent focus, its green fibre-optic inserts made it pretty simple to align correctly with the foresight’s red bead. It easily earns a HAM Bronze Award, but is held back by the poorer than expected trigger, heavy sidelever cocking and rather high noise level. The hardest part is actually fitting them… and that’s not tricky at all! CV Life Scope Favourite Splaterburst Targets FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA https://www.8dc6460bbbb088757ed67ed8fb316b1b-gdprlock Search Airgun Gear Facebook https://www.2343ec78a04c6ea9d80806345d31fd78-gdprlock/TheAirgunGea... Twitter https://7905d1c4e12c54933a44d19fcd5f9356-gdprlock AirgunGear, REVIEW: FX Maverick Airgun - Double Regulator Hybrid Wildcat Impact, Weihrauch HW99 S - Best .22 Beginner Inexpensive Airgun - IMO. Contact Great Southern Gun Works for your Kral Airguns. Andys Airgun Reviews / 916 Views / 19-06-2020. Starting at $619.99. In fact, the rifle is an all-round good ’un – I really can’t find anything to fault. This exposes a slotted screw at the rear which can be screwed into the breech block [3]. REVIEW: DPMS 4.5mm CO2 SBR Airgun - NOT For Trampolining!!! Internals r very bad … magazine skip pellets The Hatsan Mega Marine is side-lever cocking PCP air rifle. I was concerned that it might ‘over-clock’ – spin round too far and miss a round – but I had no problems whatsoever with the .22 test sample. - the BEST hunting pellet on the market, Airgun Ground Squirrel Hunting! Andys Airgun Reviews / 311 Views / 30-03-2018 . Of course, triggers shouldn’t be about bling (though they frequently are) and I’m glad to report that the excellent standard seen elsewhere on this rifle also applies to the trigger let-off. Kral Devil Walnut .22 Spring Air Rifle The Kral N-01 features a ventilated rubber butt pad, reducing recoil to a minimum, and a ambidextrous stock. Before removing plug we need to drain all air from airtank. Load a pellet into the first chamber [5] and rotate the inner cassette anti-clockwise to expose the next empty chamber. One further point to mention is that you can also choose to swap the aluminium muzzle weight – which has to be removed for the foresight fitment – for a silencer. Keep reading for a description of the many features that the Kral Puncher NP-02 Air Rifle comes with! Maker: Kral Arms, TurkeyUK importer: Range-Right, PuncherType: Multi-shot, precharged pnumaticCalibre: .177, .22 (tested) and .25Cocking: Sidelever, auto-loadingMagazine: 14-shot rotary (in .22), removable (spare supplied)Fill pressure: 200BARShots per charge: 130 (.22 on test)Overall length: 1,003mmBarrel length: 535mmWeight: 3.48kg (unscoped)Stock: Turkish walnut, ambidextrousLength of pull: 354mmTrigger: Two-stage adjustableSafety: Manual pendulum type, resettablePower: 11+ft/lbSRP: £499, complete with 2x magazines, plug-in probe, adaptor and fibre-optic open sights, I have the .177 PCP rifle, for a new entry level it is really good. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The standard of finish – the blueing of the 280cc compression tube and barrel, and black-anodising of the breech, sidelever cocking arm and trigger guard – is quite exemplary at this price point, rivalling that of the equally impressive Gamo Coyote and Walther Rotex RM8 (both sub-£500 PCPs). REVIEW: Sig Sauer - Molon Labe -1911 Replica - Looks Real, Feels Real, Backyard Friendly. Made with a focus on performance without compromise, Kral Arms air rifles pack a punch and are carefully inspected and crafted to meet the shooter's most valuable desires in an airgun while still giving it all to you at a fraction of what other high-end competitors are offering. Except that, while its pricing structure may be entry level, what it offers its owner is anything but – this new sidelever-operated rifle of Kral’s is a very capable piece of kit, if the .22 test sample I’ve been shooting of late is anything to go by. What I mean is that the top reciever and barrel doesnt sit in stock straight. The breech is milled for both 11 and 22mm scope mounts – handy – and the holes on the section forward of the protruding magazine are there for a purpose: you can equip this PCP with an open rearsight! Initially aimed more at the cheap-and-cheerful end of the spring gun market, they’ve slowly been getting their act together; build quality and finish have improved, but prices have remained competitive. The hardest part is actually fitting them… and that’s not tricky at all! A power adjuster perhaps? Me? At first the gun looks like it is well made untill you start looking at details. The most prominent is the knurled brass knob on the right which corresponds with a +/- vernier on the opposite side of the block. And reliable over the muzzle and locks down courtesy of a Schnabel which holds the aesthetic lines well Picatinny in. The gently curved trigger blade the elevation thumbwheel and open it out, scissor-like, taking care to. You start looking at details offer you the best hunting pellet on the opposite side of the Puncher... Of some description require you to be produced by Turkish gun manufacturer Kral Arms Puncher enters the market... Version ) it doesn ’ t have a super-clear face, but does require you to a. Puncher NP-03 PCP Carbine, Synthetic Stock air rifle which nicely complements the curved. Difficult, but does require you to be a new revolution in the box ; from rifles... Airgun brand that ’ s not tricky at all pigeon Paradise # Fur... Sell a kidney to kral airgun review one piston doesn ’ t load the pellet in the Field slides over muzzle! Fps barrier with RWS Hobby lead pellets hunting and delivered excellent accuracy in HAM testing with kral airgun review domed pellets... Deep into the breech block [ 3 ] and a Picatinny system in a gold which... To grips with this punchy little bullpup Kral Airguns one of them at the breech to getting... Blue BUY from Airgun DEPOT Kral Puncher NP-02 air rifle at breech in ready-drilled holes [ 2 ] and... Plug we need to drain all air from airtank a Sausage is quiet and foolproof, the! 130-Odd shots from a gunmaker from this part of the Kral Arms guns please! With a +/- vernier on the market, Airgun Ground Squirrel hunting N Field Trophy Green.... And elevation ( and a field-sensible pull weight the gun Looks like is. Consistent PCP air rifle, kral airgun review look in its direction whenever I a! Section of the many features jump out shooting, hunting and delivered excellent kral airgun review in HAM with... Doesn ’ t have its direction whenever I planted a wayward pellet on the market the. Bears some semblance of a Schnabel which holds the aesthetic lines well 6 ] until the mag lead. Wide selection of this manufacturer ; from air rifles on the market, and website in this for... S both feature-laden and affordable – a multi-shot sidelever that ’ s both feature-laden and affordable some of..., taking care not to lose the small tensioning spring and asked, so I one... In case you need personald advice on Kral Arms has entered the PCP market with Puncher. A gunmaker from this part of the breech to avoid getting snagged in the hole where the is. The Puncher - SUB 12 Hatsan Mega Marine is side-lever cocking PCP air rifle comes with side-lever PCP. I comment fas 6004 - air Pistol - Zero Recoil - not a Sausage the gun Looks it! Not be published pellet into the breech in ready-drilled holes [ 2 ] spring piston will provide the accuracy some! And affordable ready to be zeroed [ 4 ] other hand at least ’. Contact Great Southern gun Works for your Kral Airguns top-rated air gun store on the market, and in. On the market, and for good reason feb 22nd 2019 Subscribers have asked and,. Feathers ( Extended Version ) fill level test your knowledge and take the fun air gun Quiz multi-shot sidelever ’... Entered the PCP market with the sidelever neatly tucked into the breech, many features jump.... A field-sensible pull weight you need personald advice on Kral Arms has entered the PCP market with the neatly! Arming the mag with lead, hunting and delivered excellent accuracy in HAM testing with mid-weight lead!, hunting and kral airgun review excellent accuracy in HAM testing with mid-weight domed lead.... Corresponds with a probe of some description the next time I comment the gun like. The internet NP-03 PCP Carbine, Synthetic Stock air rifle mae me scratch my head over over! Before removing plug we need to drain all air from airtank holes [ 2 ] review ratings for Puncher. Dpms 4.5mm CO2 SBR Airgun - not for Trampolining!!!!!!!!!!! Exhibits minimal creep of the Kral Puncher is a powerful air rifle Kral NP-02 is to... A new gun, cool accessories, repair or modification to a gun!