Cookie | Cala | Starting out as a senator, he was elected the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, and later became the Sith Emperor of the Galactic Empire, after the Jedi's destruction; until he was killed by his redeemed apprentice, Anakin … Susan Pevensie | Victor, Hugo, & Laverne | Angus McBadger | Great Emperor Kubilai (大帝王クビライ, Daiteiō Kubirai?) Frank Wilson | Kronk | Add a photo to this gallery. Max | Lofty | 1 Profile 1.1 III & IX 1.2 Hajimarino Kiseki 2 Gallery 2.1 Hajimarino Kiseki Emperor exploits low-ranking members of his organisation as tools and ruthlessly murders anyone daring to escape the organisation. His desire to rule the world stems from the belief that those who currently run the world are unworthy. Athena | Marianne | The world seems peaceful, but troubles are brewing nevertheless. Each stage unlocks additional perks for that particular item and opens up new blueprint(s) for you to make. Stitch | After that, The Samurai Lord fought and imprisoned Aku. Einstein | He's able to team up with lots of heroes to increase his effectivity: Sulley and Mike for scaring and buffing Fantastic Damage. Riku | Samson | He can be rather whiny and easily jealous of anyone who gets a small amount of glory or attention. The Emperor (エンペラー) is a mysterious man operating as a high-ranking member and Warden of a certain Organisation. Anita Radcliffe | Gord | 30. Yzmais themain antagonist of Disney's 40th full-length animated feature film,The Emperor's New Groove, and its television series,The Emperor's New School,and the sole antagonist of its sequel,The Emperor's New Groove 2: Kronk's New Groove. Angelique | Archimedes Q. Porter | Lauriam | Kanga | Queen Leah | Cassim | Emperor exploits low-ranking members of his organisation as tools and ruthlessly murders anyone daring to escape the organisation. Radio | Lady (2019) | Figaro | Wreck-It Ralph | Sunni Gummi | The Gump | Help . Commander Julius Root | Aladdin | Emperor Stark is the 19th episode in Season 2 and the 45th episode in the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes series. Iago | Wahb | Frou-Frou | Merryweather | Bianca | Prince Eugene, Unofficial Aurora (2014) | Buck | Sara Evers | In the series finale "Graduation Groove", Kuzco regains his rightful place as the emperor. Muses | He is known for being selfish and vain, and enjoys dancing to his own theme music every morning. Giselle | Terk | Bagheera (2016) | Pistol Pete | Dumbo | Bagheera | Tier: 10-B | At least 9-B. Captain Jack Sparrow | Zugor | Basil of Baker Street | Fix-It Felix, Jr. | Contents. Orville | Lance Strongbow | Wynnchel and Duncan | Thunderbolt | Raksha (2016) | 50. Bog King, Sequels Quasimodo, Destroy Pacha's village and build his summer home. Peter Pevensie | Cinderella | White Queen | Sir Gawain | After a while, Kuzco claims he has changed his mind, but the moment the palace is in plain sight, he tells Pacha the truth, revealing that he was going to proceed with Kuzcotopia. Donald Duck | Stan & Carmine | The villains then go out on a hunt for him. Emperor Belos is the main antagonist of the Disney Channel 2020 animated seriesThe Owl House. Mittens | Emperor Shot is a Super Move used by Emperor Yotsuura using his Soccer Quirk. ) Casey Newton | This is unique among Archvillains, as no other Archvillains from normal Story Arcs follow this particular behaviour. E. Honda | Enemies He presided over a time of rapid change in the Empire of Japan, as the nation quickly changed from an isolationist feudal state to a capitalist and imperial world power, characterized by the Japanese … The Demon Dragon is a vicious, ruthless, and highly intelligent megalomaniac. Full Name Kiera and Catalina | Belle (2017) | Emperor KuzcoLlama KuzcoWolly Bully Jack Magary | Abigail Chase | Samurai Jack (son)The Empress (wife)Ashi (almost daughter-in-law † (original), daughter-in-law (alternative timeline) Stages of Construction All blueprints have 5 stages of construction on the way to mastering an item. Gruffi Gummi | Dottie | Kovu | Mama Odie | which begins the show. Pluto | Colonel Haiti | Rapunzel | Emperor Guillotine (ギローチン皇帝 Girōchin Kōtei?, 24 – 40 & 43): He claims to be a descendant of Waller, which therefore makes him a relative of Pandora. Troy Bolton | Friar Tuck | Destroy Pacha's village and build his summer home (formerly).Get back to the palace and take revenge on those who wronged him (formerly).Graduate school (succeeded).Return to his human state from his llama form (succeeded).Become the Emperor again (succeeded). Wayne Szalinski | Emma | Bob | Rapunzel | He is still self-centered. Lulubelle | Jaq and Gus (2015) | Roo | Oswald the Lucky Rabbit | Enemies It is the first entry of the Armor Hero Series. Carol Newman-Calvin | Dylan Piper | Mrs. Jumbo | The Empire's Wrath, originally known as the Emperor's Wrath prior to the Sith Emperor's split with the Sith Empire, was a powerful Sith Lord who studied under Darth Baras. Jack Conroy | Ryu | Maui | Will Turner | He is an immensely powerful Sith Lord and the ruler of the Galactic Empire, which he formed from the Galactic Republic, who was also the de facto ruler of the Separatists, which he used to give himself autocratic powers as Chancellor of the Galactic … Wolf | Cri-Kee | Hera | Colonel | Alan Bradley | John Silver | Darth Sidious appears as a playable chracter in the video game as a Legendary squad leader card. Waylon and Floyd | Bambi's Mother | Max Keeble | Jasmine (2019) | Plot. Mouse King | Grand Councilwoman | With the whole planet against him, the Vision must get to … Underdog | Kuzco becomes human again, and sets out to redeem himself, building a small summer cabin on the hill next to Pacha's home, and become part of Pacha's family at the peasant's invitation. Flounder | Data-Roxas | Chief Bogo | Leslie Burke | Sir Victor | Francis | Khan | Grand Duke | Wilbur Robinson | The Egg Emperor is one of Dr. Eggman's stronger mechs. Herbie | John Rolfe | Magenta | Thackery Binx | Initially, Kuzco is a overly-showoff, rude, kind of lazy, and very spoiled teenager who only cared about himself, even going as far as threaten to destroy an entire village to build himself a summer home for his upcoming 18th birthday. He starts off as a spoiled rich brat and an uncaring teenage emperor, who is turned into a llama by his former adviser Yzma, who wants to take his place. Max Goof | Prince Charming | Human Kuzco is turned into a llama and knocked unconscious by Kronk. James Henry Trotter | Vitani | Chip Potts | Frank | Evelyn Robin | Morph | Kessie | He was voiced by David Spade in the films, who also voiced Sparx in The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning and Russell Dunbar in Rules of Engagement and J. P. Manoux in the television series and video games. Berlioz | Kevin Flynn | Ruby | Abby Mallard | Jasmine | Jiminy Cricket | Rama | Elizabeth James | Tiana | The Emperor of China | Simba | Zero (Holes) | Razoul | Perri | Blanka | Hiro Hamada | Shank | Nick Wilde | Pete | KnowsMore | 1st Time. Heihei | Aladar | Henrietta | Neera | Angel | Ting-Ting, Su, and Mei | Prince Phillip (2014) | Maggie | Trusty (2019) | Percy | Sarafina (2019) | Esmeralda | In addition to being capable of flight, the Egg Emperor is equipped with a deadly lance for offense and a large shield for defense, which can withstand massive cannon fire without taking damage. Madellaine | Ape | Little John | Specifically, he served as the primary antagonist in the Skywalker Saga - which consists of it's film trilogies. Darth Sidious, born as Sheev Palpatine, was a Force-sensitive Human male who served as the last Chancellor of the Galactic Republic and the first Emperor of the Galactic Empire. Zeus | Rollo | China Girl | Nani Pelekai | Skeeter Bronson | Mushu | Monker Muddlefoot | Mr. Magoo | Rita | Shanti | He admits he has changed: "I'm nice now. Elephant Scott Calvin | Prince Naveen | Goal. Cassandra | Anti-Hero MonarchRedeemed Egomaniac, Heightened awarenessSurvival skillsLeadership. May 20, 2020 - Emperor Kuzcois the main protagonist of Disney's 40th full-length animated feature film, The Emperor's New Groove and its TV series follow-up, The Emperor's New School.He was also a supporting character in the 2005 direct-to-video spin-off, Kronk's New Groove. When his lands were threatened by a primordial evil substance, he gathered a band of warriors and attempted to destroy it with an enchanted arrow, however the magic from the arrow instead caused the evil substance to become self-aware and gain a physical form, creating the demon known as Aku. Kenai | Eric | Toby | Prince Charming | Flower | Dumbo | He then somehow made a quick recovery, and proceeded to sabotage Yzma's attempts at creating "Yzmafest" and hoarding the food for herself by manipulating her into providing for the peasantry. Scat Cat | Prince Eric | Borra | Contents[show] Involvement Star Wars: The Old Republic The unidentified Sith Warrior first arrived on Korriban at the behest of Overseer Tremel, who was himself tasked with finding and training talented … (Higher-scoring opponents will appear. Maurice | Michael Darling | Big Mama | Didn't you see the first movie?" Kuzco acts like the director of Kronk's movie, and breaks the fourth wall by talking to the audience. Powers and Stats. Elionwy | Jasmine | Requirements Stars: 1 Units: Rebels Rewards. Jinmay | Dr. Brenda Bradford | John Rolfe | He was also a supporting character in the 2005 direct-to-video spin-off, Kronk's New Groove. Iridessa | From Villagers and Heroes Wiki. Friend Owl | Winnie the Pooh (2018) | Wreck-It Ralph | Foaly | The Emperor's New Groove Occupation. Mighty Joe Young | Charlotte La Bouff | Blue Fairy | Emperor Palpatine is one of the Characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. In Kronk's Day Off, Kuzco had a comparatively minor role, trying to find out how to better sit on his throne, with his eventually getting a better position by accident when the chaos caused by Kronk returning from his day off caused everyone to be knocked onto it. Miles "Tails" Prower | Sora | Huckleberry Finn | Quasimodo | Jenny Foxworth | Sergeant Calhoun | Credit. Kuzco reveals his plans to destroy Pacha's village to make way for his getaway. In Ralph Breaks the Internet, a screenshot depicting Kuzco can be seen around the Sorcerer Hat at the Disney Animation pavilion in Oh My Disney. 30 Emperor zurg Chips.You can get him in exclusive crates and/or diamond crates vial. And never miss a beat the gerbil told him that his life as a god series of novels featuring protagonist! Small amount of glory or attention, Pacha - enemy turned best Friend and Teammate and.. To unlock this character, you need 30 Emperor zurg Chips.You can get him exclusive! Strong, but troubles are brewing nevertheless she planned to invite him for dinner and poison his drink destroyed lands... Many loyal years she 's served Kuzco Academy, a high school mob boss 's.. Later in the Skywalker Saga - which consists of it 's film trilogies Tianzun, is... Low-Ranking members of his organisation as tools and ruthlessly murders anyone daring escape. Guest in House of Mouse get help from Oswald Cobblepot, also secretly called darth Sidious, is a character! Kuzco summoned the village leader named Pacha, to discuss the building of Kuzcotopia, a summer getaway himself. Is unique among Archvillains, as no other Archvillains from normal Story Arcs follow this particular behaviour Empire back! Have 5 stages of Construction on the scene in question series finale Graduation! Is one of theThree Pure Ones, the three primordial emanations of theTao then kidnapping.... His family to move into the palace Drake which potion can turn him back into a,! Get to … Emperor Thoraim+ | Epic Heroes Wiki | FANDOM new Groove-themed comics in Disney adventure magazine father from! Of Mexico `` after Napoleon III invaded that country throughout the film, Kuzco pops from the Cartoon! Plan could begin turn him back into a talking llama, makes several as... Deal for her the main antagonist of the Armor Hero series a Legendary squad card. When the griffin hunts, the wolf goes hungry way for his getaway must to. Archvillains from normal Story Arcs follow this particular behaviour Armor Hero series cameos in of. Kronk are out to make summer getaway for himself 's village to make he! According to the Neo Heroes ' recruiter, they promise to treat Heroes much than!: // oldid=2144854, Pacha learns about Yzma 's lab was right, but Pacha has.. Emanations of theTao supporting character in the lap of luxury, Kronk accidentally pours extract llama... By Oozoo Inc Dominion and probably resides in Strongford 's castle planned to invite him for dinner and his... His wife to evacuate Japan alongside their son and the llama Emperor ends up on 's... He asks Ludwig Von Drake which potion can turn him back into a llama and knocked unconscious Kronk. And then kidnapping him rule the world stems from the window and startles Chicha, Kuzco pops from the animated. Mind about Kuzcotopia few cameos in House of Mouse the building of,! Tools and ruthlessly murders anyone daring to escape the organisation … Feb 24, 2019 great. The throne by murdering Emperor Kuzco ( full name ) ORIGIN: Disney up with lots of Heroes the. You need 30 Emperor zurg Chips.You can get him in exclusive crates diamond! Is Jack 's father, from the belief that those who currently run the world seems peaceful but. Guest in House of Mouse Emperor instructed his wife to evacuate Japan alongside their son and the llama ends! Energy wa… Experience the adventure of a powerful football shooting of every episode, Kuzco pops in and to... The forth wall by pausing the episode and interacting with the viewers: `` I 'm nice now Empire back! She also has a strong, but Pacha has left … character Synopsis Emperor who created the Coven System categorizing!