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What is CIRRO?

CIRRO is the acronym for ”Danish Center for Interventional Research in Radiation Oncology”. The center is a national platform for research in the use of radiotherapy in treatment of cancer patients. The overall mission is to establish individualized radiotherapy and research projects involve biology, imaging, radiotherapy technology as well as proton therapy.

Participating institutions include the six facilities in Denmark treating cancer patients with radiotherapy (Århus, Ålborg, Odense, Vejle, Herlev and Rigshospitalet), the radiation research at DTU Nutech, and the Danish Center for Particle Therapy (DCPT). Leadership and administration of the center is located at Department of Oncology, Århus University Hospital. 

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Dansk introduktion


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Kick-off møde i Nationalt Center for Stråleterapi


Der afholdes kick-off møde i Nationalt Center for Stråleterapi på Fænø Sund konferencecenter 28. feb-1. marts 2018.

Opslag om støtte fra DCCC


Opslag om støtte fra Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center (DCCC) til bl.a. faglige netværk og forberedelse af store ansøgninger. Næste ansøgningsfrist er 1. november.

Temadage om partikelterapi i Danmark


Invitation til temadage om partikelterapi i Danmark den 21.-22. august 2017 i Aarhus.